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February 22nd, 2015- Scrapbooking for Posterity at the Arganbright Genealogy Center, 1:00 pm:
Learn how to create a scrapbook that will last for generations and can serve as a historical record for your family, business or organization. Tips on how to scrapbook like an archivist using acid free materials and identifying and documenting information that will aid future researchers. Perfect for compiling your genealogy research or summarizing your club activities. Cost is $5.00 for non- members and free for TCHA members.

March 24th, 2015- Collector’s Show and Tell Quarterly at the Arganbright Genealogy Center, 12:00 pm:
TCHA Members can join us for the first of our quarterly series of gathering’s for Collectors. This program will give TCHA Members, who are collectors of all kinds, the opportunity to show off their favorite objects and meet others with a similar passion for stuff! A member of the TCHA curatorial staff will share an item from the TCHA permanent collection and a short presentation will follow to provide tips and resources about collecting and to help plan future gatherings.

April 29th, 2015- Lincoln’s Reconstruction Experiments at the West Lafayette Public Library Walnut and Elm Rooms, 6:00 pm
Free public lecture presented in honor of the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War and the death of Abraham Lincoln. Professor Robert May, PhD, Professor of History at Purdue University will explain Abraham Lincoln's program for readmitting the seceded slave states to the Union, describe how it evolved as the war lengthened, and contrast it with the plans of "radical" members of his own Republican Party who hoped to punish Confederates for the war and totally transform the southern states before allowing them back in the Union.
(And check out the TCHA Civil War display on exhibit at the West Lafayette Public Library April through May, 2015)

Isn’t It About Time?

You joined the Tippecanoe County Historical Association? Because we’re all about time!

The time you spend with your family in places that matter, the time to discover your connection to the people and events that shaped our community and the time celebrating old traditions while forging new ones.

This is what we do! Your Historical Association captures “time”, keeps it safe, brings it out and tells the stories again and again, generation after generation. And as we move into the future, we bring with us those times - the ones that made us who we are today.

Your membership support is needed now more than ever as we strive to engage our community’s current, past and future residents along with the many visitors with the goal of collecting, preserving and interpreting our unique and exciting history.

It’s time to take your place in history. Become a member today.

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